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Internationally acclaimed Ta Moko practitioner and artist Te Rangitu Netana has been developing the art of Ta Moko (Maori tattoo) for the past 30 years. After living in the far North of New Zealand near Waipapa where he practiced amongst his tribe for nine years, as well as teaching and raising awareness of the spiritual and educational benefits of Ta Moko, he moved to the UK in 2015 with his family. Being in Europe has allowed Te Rangitu to continue to advance his artistic discipline through his Tattoo Studio and his work promoting and advocating Ta Moko and Maori Culture globally.


As one of few traditional Ta Moko practitioners in Europe, Te Rangitu’s work is highly sought after and he has worked with many high profile clients. His busy studio which he runs together with his wife, sees him designing unique Ta Moko pieces based on the individual character and life story of each client of which he has an average of over 100 per year. When Te Rangitu is not in the studio he travels extensively across the world to tattoo and attend Polynesian culture conventions and festivals carving a well deserved name for himself as a living legend of the art of Ta Moko.

The cultural importance of Maori tattoo or Ta Moko practice has long been passed down from generation to generation amongst the tribes of New Zealand, and is practiced by native New Zealander Te Rangitu Netana, of North Island Ngapuhi, Ngati Wai and Te Arawa tribal descent.

Te Rangitu is experienced in both modern machine and traditional chisel methods of Ta Moko/Maori tattoo.

He has travelled extensively throughout his career, working with tattoo masters from different cultures, including Hawaiian and Samoan. Well known for his fine lines and intricate detail, Te Rangitu weaves the wearer’s story into his designs, leaving them with a piece of artwork on their skin that reflects their own history, beliefs and spirituality.

This practice, taking its origins from the ancient love story of Mataoroa, and Niwareka, is based on respect and dedication to both the ancestors and to the wearer of the tattoo.

Te Rangitu Netana is dedicated to the message of Ta Moko, and ensures he respects the sacred ceremony of the practice on every subject he tattoos.

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